Wednesday, July 14, 2010

District Conference of BarateeyeVicharaKendram

BarateeyaVicharakendram Thrissur conducted the district conference on 11th July 2010 at Bramaswamam Madam hall.Started on 10 O'clock chair parson was Dr.Mohendas (Agricultural university Ret.Deen ) inauguration done by Adv.P.S Iswaran ( Leading criminal lawyer of Thrissur bar ).Main speech done by state secretary KaBha Surendran.He told that the muslims of India thrown the tradition of Darashikove and accepted the Ourangazib's tradition is the reason for the terrorist growth.Nehru ruled the nation more than 14 years, none of ministers in his ministry don't have the capacity to oppose his wrong secular view.So the wrong view of secularism establish in the mind of Indian peoples. If he and his family were not ruled India the picture of India shall be other one. The terrorist problems shall not be here.Terrorists starts their work and the rest of peoples become silent, due to the inefficient minister Nehru's policy spread in India's mind.He demanded that the muslims should accept the Darashikove's tradition.

Second session was the future program. This was done by M.Balakrishnan the state member and sub editor of KESARI weakly.

Third session was the work and program's of Vivekananda Study Circle. This was done by Neeleswaram Bhaskar Dy.Thasildhar of wayanad district.

Last session leaded by c.Sadanandan master bouthik shikshnan pramuk of Thrissur district. He told that the popular front peoples cuts the hand of Pro.Joseph is the clear evidence of talibanism and babarisom strengthen in kerala.Other side some of our writers spend tears for Israth jahan who killed in Gurath. vijayalakshmi teacher wrote a poem in Mathrubhumi weakly for Israth jahan.Now Headly told that she was Lasker E toiba's militant.So Vicharakendram has to take the roll to give the right direction for the peoples and contend against the teams who giving misguidance to our peoples.

Then KaBha Surendran announced the name of District Team of BarateeyaVicharakendram.

President : Dr Nandakumar
Wise President : Krishna Kaimal
Secretary : C.Sadanandan Master
Joint Secretary : C.Hariharan
Co-ordination Secretary : Syamji
Treasurer : Shaju
Committee memmers : Satish Punnayurkulam
: Vishnupriya
Vivekananda Study Circle: Rakesh Murali (Dist Co-ordinator)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ohh.. Israth jahan

Ohh.. Israth jahan ohh.. israth jahan
Heard some wail watched their words
They were crying ohh.. Israth jahan ohh Israth jahan…
We also joint with them ohh… Israth jahan.. ohh.. Israth janan,
Rest of our words sink in their roar
Who are they ? watched deeply, lot of human rights people,
batch of medias and masked persons,
weeping and repeats ohh..Israth jahan ohh..Israth jahan
you are the victim of politics.
You killed by them because you named Israth jahan,
a special genus targeted you.
Innocent you fare onwards minister’s way,
you don’t know they were targeting you.
Minister taken as this is a chance.
Ohh.. Israth jahan ohh.. Israth jahan
we also cried ohh..Israth jahan ohh… Israth jahan
but rest of our words dip in their loud voice.

Fearsome structure descended name was Headly
and told that Israth jahan was his daughter
she got training to kill the plenipotentiary.
Suddenly the wail stopped human right peoples
turned their faces,
the masked persons disappeared,
batch of medias slipped off.
We continue our wail now everybody can hear no disturbance
ohh...Israth jahan ohh..Israth jahan,
how you went to the hand of terrorist?
You shall be a shining star of our country,
you shall be the proud of our nation,
what happened to you ?
Ohh…Israth jahan ohh..Israth jahan.


Saturday, July 10, 2010


I was on a dream it was not beautiful
thousands of stars were dropping as a rain from the sky.
It was exploding with big noise
decease their lights when it coming down,
bewails of nature can’t endure
who can stop this ?
Nature going to suicide before man kill it
night is over, stars are not in the sky.
All of them were crashed
morning begins, sun came with pleasant smile
slowly the god became anger
his view become very passionate.
throw the firebrands from the sky
all of peoples couch in cremation ground.
Suddenly I wake up ohh it was a dream!
Morning, I moved the curtain and saw sun is pleasing.
I made obeisance, taken the news paper
my eyes catches one news
that was about global warmth!!
I went back to my dram is it going to happen ?
We can conclude that,
the viewable god starts the retribution
because we slowly killing the nature.

Hari :-