Monday, November 1, 2010

Broken Violin

One violin lay on wayside It was blurred,
put that in my bag it’s strings were broken.
It started to speak and asked me to repair,
polished it well and gave the new strings.
It started to laugh mind was blown with gaiety,
when I touched it’s strings befall a loved tune.
Spring came, starts to play gloriously,
deliquesced in it’s sweet lute.
I protected it like a heavenly one.
Spring going to end !

Snootiness sprout and violin stopped,
this is self destruction told himself.
When I starts to play, the spring has came.
I am the legend, I am so beautiful,
lot of envy eyes can see around.
The divine deity asked me to quit,
I protest with tears but it steadfast one

I waft somewhere, I got conscious.
Reached the place where the violin was lay.
Turn and gaze at to the violin,
somebody using ruffle, oh….
that was it’s  possessor, found a disgusted face,
turn the face when I descry.
blurred it again and strings became broken.
Is that deity need me to make up  again ?
Is it’s eyes searching for me ?
Conceit shall prevent to raise hands on me !
Started the journey again shall meet anywhere in the life.