Friday, January 28, 2011

Indian Flag and Lal Chowke

Kashmir, the tiptop point of our  nation.two nations surrounded Kashmir Pakistan and China.The separatists were started the voice for Kashmir before our independence.In the Arabian stories every country expect Arabia they define as very worst, but Kashmir they define as heavenly one.So they targeted Kashmir is from their beginning.
Kashmir is known as Mahershi Kashyap's land, lot of incursions happened in Kashmir. After the mahabarath Yudh whole Bhatah was under freedom for 3000 years. In those days there was no attacks from outside. The Dutch,French and Greek were attacks India we deliquesced them in our culture.

But when muslims entered in India we have lost the deliquesce culture and we started to boycott the people who join their religion. so they lived as separate wing.Then our sadus like vidyaranya swami made a re-conversion to Hindus.

The Kashmir was not a muslim populate area before India got freedom.From 1906 onwards the separate sound would become louder,because 1906 was the formation of Muslim league. Muslim persons was reaching for Congress's conference by giving them traveling allowance and pocket money. According to Muslim league the congress party was a Hindu party.To join the Muslim community to congress, the congress started the propitiation.From there the debility of India is started.

Raja Harisingh was ruled the Kashmir.His argument on round table conference was strong.British bring a plan to destroy Kashmir that plan was continued by Nehru Govt. Raja Harisingh was not ready to join in India after freedom.Govt.appoint Sri.M.S Golwalker who was II nd Sar Sangachalak of RSS, to convince raja Hari singh. Raja joint in India.He also signed the same documents which other kings were signed.

Then Nehru given the special consideration to Kashmir by Article 370. After formation of Pakistan lot of muslums went to Pakistan some people stayed at Kashmir.The Pakistan again asked Kashmir and they made some attempt to capture the Kashmir. All of their attempts defeated by Indian military.To made Kashmir as muslim dominated area, Muslims beaten and dispel Hindus now they were living in Delhi foot path.Now there is only problem to made separate from India is our military so the separatists started the protest against the Govt and military. The govt. of Kashmir are with the separatists.So Mr. Omer and Kashmir govt. is not allowed to hoist Indian flag on Lal chowk.They arrested the Ektha Yatra leaders.

This has been done by not only Kashmir govt.but also the Indian govt.In Kashmir who burning the flag is getting the freedom to do that and getting the permission to do it.But we had seen the Indian Govt and Kashmir Govt were not given the permission to hoist the flag and discredited the peoples who came to do it. In Lal Choke the separatists hoist the flag of Pakistan last year on Eed. Ashamed on the strength less programs of our Government.If any place in our country is not allowing to hoist our national flag means that place is not in our Govt's control. Indian Govt. feared that the credit of hoisting flag in Lal Chowk will go to BJP so it should stop at any cost.They haven't the back born to do it. So kill the person who has most caliber than me is the policy of Congress.