Thursday, May 20, 2010

Barateeya vicharakendram

Barateeya vicharakendram conducted a seminar on 19th may 2010 at Vailoppilly hall in thrissur district of Kerala. The subject was Beekarathayude Maoiest Mugam ( The face of Maoiest Terrorism ). The program was started at 6.10 pm welcome speech was done by Sri.Syamji and Sri.K.Rajasheker was the chairman of the seminar.Sri. Rahul Iswar inaugurate the function and he told the maoiests are the co operate firm which is running with Rs1500 crores. After creating a violence they were defend with the same arguments that dalit women were raped and the dalits are not getting any thing from govt. so they were become armed to solve these problems. The poverty is very huge in that areas but the right things should introduce by the govt. to solve the poverty.So maoiest did't get chance to reach there.
An AK47 has more than Rs1,50,000 they were demanding that they have more than 10000 armed soldiers. so more than Rs 150 crores they spend to buy the weapons and he asked that where they got this much amount to buy this much weapons.Then Sri.Rahul given some evidence to prove his statement are correct though a power point presentation.
The main speech was Sri. Sadanandan Master he is RSS's Bouthik shikshnan pramugh of thrissur District.He told detailed about maoisiom, and who was Mao se thung. After written of Mr.karel marx's communist manifesto Mr.Lenin made some changes on it and it was known as leninisom and stalin made changes in communisom is known as stalinisiom mavo made changes in communisom is knone as moiesom. It would become very dangers to all over the world. He told that when he met Madan das ji who is the akila barateeya prachar pramukh is told to him that the moiests were not coming with their project where RSS has good hold and works of vanavasi kalyana ashramam.So this culture should spread all over india is the solution to control the maoiesom.